About Signtists

Does your building look old, run down and tired? We all know that a clean building looks much better than an old, run down tired exterior. We can help transform your building and turn it into the beauty it once was.

With over 30 years of experiences in the signage industry, Signtists has now grown as a leading professional façade cleaning service provider. Focusing on a variety of façade cleaning, our services include external façade washing, external painting works, rope access service, building signage repairs and overhaul, chandelier cleaning services, and building service and maintenance.

Not only we specialise in using effective cleaning techniques, we also ensure that our works are performed with minimal risk of damage to surfaces and environment. Our highly skilled and safety conscious staff are capable of removing years of stubborn smudges, contamination, dirt and dust using effective cleaning techniques with minimal risk of damage to surfaces and environment, and most importantly, leaving your building looking new, fresh and compelling. We believe that no project is too high, complicated or impossible to be cleaned and we are ready to undertake all sorts of tasks, regardless of the types of façade or limited accessibility.

Our projects ranged from hotels, business and commercial centres, apartments, shopping malls and many others. Our recent projects include Orchard Hotel Singapore, Liang Court, Far East Shopping Centre, King’s Centre, Northpoint Shopping Centre, and Mapletree Business City to just name a few.

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